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Hi, I'm Bria Gala

First Post - a blogsphere tradition

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Hey there, welcome to my blog. I'm Bria Gala and you're reading this for some reason so I better make this good. After reading through countless first posts I'm excited to start this journey of blogging while stepping into my next journey in London where I'll be studying this spring. The magic of Europe is calling to me, but before we get there here's a few things about me:

I'm from more trees than people Maine.

I live and go to school in Washington, DC.

I'm a cat lover and a dog admirer.

I'm a leo, a red head, and a vegetarian

I've started this blog to share my travel and life experiences in hopes of making other women more confident in themselves (including myself) especially while traveling and searching this globe for answers to questions we didn't know we were asking. I have an idea where this will go and I hope you join me on that ride. I want to share the wonders of my world and live vicariously through yours.

 I live by three motos:

Momento Mori.

Always Forward, Never Straight.

Women can do anything.

Welcome to A Gala of Sorts.

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